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If you are injured in either an auto accident, at work, or by a fall, call us today and we can help you obtain the money you deserve, (313)478-4494

What can a personal injury attorney do for me?

General Representation - Dealing with insurance companies can be a hassle, having a professional by your side can go a long way in leveling playing field.

Advise of Rights - We will advise you of what you are legally entitled to ask for, and this can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in money you otherwise may not have obtained.

Sue on your behalf - if the individual, entity, or insurance company has refused to pay you, and you wish to sue, we will fight and take the case to trial for you. (Appeals are subject to a new fee and agreement).

Fees - You pay $0 fee until we get you money. At that point our fee is reduced from your funds.

Costs - Costs are also reduced from your funds, this is in addition to our fee.