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Stop posting on Facebook when involved with Insurance claims or litigation

When you begin an insurance claim or litigation, stop posting any pictures to any social media or be prepared to face the consequences of that picture coming back to make you look bad, and make you ultimately lose your case.

When you are involved in a battle with an insurance company, you must make sure you give them nothing in the way of ammunition to use against you. Defense attorneys know to look at your public Facebook profile. They know that people will continue to live their lives and the less cynical among us see nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately the odds of having one person on your jury that is closed minded is pretty high. That one person can see your picture as proof that you are a liar.

Don't give them the opportunity to confuse the issues with a compromising picture of you doing something that you would have the jury believe you feel pain doing.

Imagine a picture of you holding your 2 year old son. This innocent act can be shown to a jury to completely poke a hole in your story that you are unable to lift heavy things. You now have become a liar and have a real chance of losing your case.

No one will cut you a break when you decide to exercise your rights against an insurance company. Be smart, stay off social media.


Ahmed ElsharnobyComment